Learn flamenco guitar at your home!

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I will teach you how to play Flamenco Guitar!

The only site that will teach you Jerez, Moron, Modern and traditional flamenco guitar!

Hi, this is Jose Tanaka and I will to teach you a wide range of flamenco guitar playing styles and structures. You will learn concepts crucial for accompanying baile (dance) or cante (song).

Beef up your solo guitar skills and be ready to play anything from a juerga (casual party) with friends to larger scale concert performances. Each of these situations require a different approach for the musician. I will teach you step by step through video, TAB and private members forum.

The video and sound quality are hi-resolution, crystal-clear and noise-free. You can download your favorite clips to review at your convenience - you can even zoom in on a section, loop it, etc.

Most importantly, this is an interactive site. Not only can you write me with questions, but as you go through a lesson, you can send me video, webcam or audio clips on the spot for quick feedback, suggestions and corrections. No other site is doing this!

See you soon,
Jose Tanaka


When you become a student:

  • I teach you step-by-step
  • I answer all your questions
  • I teach you Jerez, Moron, Modern and Traditional styles
  • I teach you Alegrias, Bulerias, Garrotin, Guajiras, Rumba, Siguiriya, Sevillanas, Solea, Solea por Bulerias, Tangos and Taranta
  • I provide high quality videos with several angles and speeds
  • I provide easy to read tabs so you can master the lessons
  • I watch your progress and give you feedback
  • I provide a private student only forum so you can share and learn
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