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Amanecer Spanish Guitar Duo
Experience the soft sounds and intricate melodies of the spanish guitar. Jose Tanaka and Gabriel Osuna are two of the most accomplished and experienced guitarists in the United States. Trained in Andalucia the southern province of Spain these two musicians will dazzle you with their virtuosity but more importantly the expression and sensitivity of true artistry is the trademark of this duo's sound. A wide variety of musical styles from traditional flamenco, gipsy rumba, jazz, bossa nova, and latin music as well as your favorite romantic boleros are represented in our repertoire. Perfect for weddings, private and corporate parties and romantic restaurant atmosphere. As experienced musicians we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. We are there to make things go smoothly and sound good!
Jose Tanaka
Gabriel Osuna
Tanaka's versatility as well as his virtuosity is rare among guitarists today ..... read more Gabriel has collaborated with various musical artists throughout the world more
For booking c all 562-400-6061 or email
Based in Los Angeles, Amanecer performs regularly in California and tours throughout the United States and abroad.