On sale at iTunes store!!

On sale at iTunes store!!

Coming Soon!!

Coming Soon!!

This new series of "Compas Flamenco" are ideal for studying and practice Flamenco.

Everyone knows how important to practice with metronome to improve sense of rhythm. Only thing is metronome does not really help you to get better compas.

All the tracks are recorded with consistency accents and does not randomly change. This is very important thing to practice. Imagine if your metronome changes the accents randomly, I don't think that will help you to improve your timing.

Also all the tracks are recorded with minimum reverb.
This is also important to improve your timing. You need to hear rhythm clear and dry when you practice. When you practice do you want reverb on your metronome? I don't think so.

You get 10 different speed to practice. ( track 1 is the slowest and 10 is the fastest.) It is very important to practice slow! With this series provide you tracks with slow enough speed that you can use it to practice other palos as well (style, form).

This Compas Flamenco series are made for practicing and improving sense of compas (rhythm).

Vol. 1 Bulerias groove closer to Jerez style and it is traditional style.

Jose Tanaka (palmas)

Vol. 2 Tangos grooves modern style.

Jose Tanaka (Palmas)
Gerardo Morales (percussion)

If you own iPod, that's even better!! Because you can practice with Compas Flamenco anytime, anywhere!!
Now Available on iTunes Store!!