Last Show

2/3 Today, Jose Tanaka's Soniquete Flamenco will be performing at Fountain Thaetre. Baile: Mizuho Sato, Clara Catalina, Vanessa Acosta, Cante: Cristobal Osorio, Rosa Acosta Guitara: Jose Tanaka. And This is the last show that we are going to do as Soniquete Flamenco. I have been directing Soniquete Flamenco for about 11 years. I decided to move on to new project. When I started with this group, it was originally more musical group. And some how it became more dance oriented group. I guess I want to do what I wanted to do for long time. Which is to form my original musical group where I belong. I want to thank you for supporting Soniquete Flamenco!! And I hope to see you there tonight!!

More info call 323-663-1525 Fountain Theatre

Forever Flamenco

1/17 I just want to let you guys know that we will be performing at Fountain Theatre in Hollywood on Feb 3rd Sunday. Baile: Mizuho Sato, Clara Catalina, Vanessa Acosta, Cante: Cristobal Osorio, Guitara: Jose Tanaka. A couple of more artists will join us that evening. I will let you know as soon as we confirm. More info call 323-663-1525 Fountain Theatre

This Year's Goal

1/5 I listed up the things I wanna do or plan to do.

1. Record New songs in both Flamenco and Rock style.

2 Sell these songs through the net. ( For Example, iTune etc)

3. Online Video Lesson
Post a lot more videos consistantly. And I plan to switch Online Video Lesson page to be a membership site.

4. Produce instruction DVD

5. Get in shape at Gym. (I really wanna do this!)

6. Japan Tour!! (This is the hardest goal since I can do this alone)

7. Sound track gigs for movies and TV's.

I hope I can make all of these happen. To do this I really have to use time smartly and efficient.

I'm gonna try my best and see.


1/4 I am going to change lesson system (tuition) to paypal instead of accepting cash and checks. All the lessons has to be paid in advance. Starting sometime in Feb. It will be easier to keep a truck of lessons and I hope this system saves me time. This year hopefully I don't have to deal with flaky student. I will post new rates and policy soon.

Happy New Year!!

1/2 Wed. Happy New Year!! I hope this new year is filled with a lots of joy and life for you!! This year I am gonna challenge many new things. I hope I can show to you guys soon.

Merry Christmas!!

12/24 Merry Christmas!! I hope you are having great Christmas. For myself, I finaly have a couple of day off. Yes!! I know I have not updated this site much lately, since I have been busy with composing for the movie etc. But it is almost done. I will start online lesson again in January 2008. I am also working on a couple of other projects as well. I think I can show you guys my work soon. So come and visit this site again OK? One more thing you can now purches gift certificate for guitar lessons by internet using paypal. You can save up to 20%. This is for both current and new students. You can actuary use it for your friend or yourself. for more details

Lakshmi is back in town!!

12/8 Lakshmi is back from Spain. We are going to perform at Fountain Theatre tommorow. I know I'm sorry for late notice, but I hope some of you make it to the show. for more info.